Often times, people have proceeded with bringing items into the country without doing their due diligence or even inquiring about the necessary procedures needed to achieve a smooth and seamless importation.

Before embarking on that importation, do make inquiries from reliable forwarders like us on the required procedures to avoid complications leading to loss or regret.

Many goods found their way to the ports (sea and air), accruing demurrage at the expense of the importer, who proceeded with shipping without making proper inquiries.

Below are the procedures for a successful importation:

1. Ensure the items are approved and not prohibited for import.
Kindly check my previous post for the import prohibition list.

2. Confirm the necessary import documents for the items in question and communicate the same to the shipper for issuance from the origin.
This is to avoid delays in import documentation processing from the destination, such as Form M, PAAR, e.t.c.

3. Confirm the government agency that regulates the items.
This is very important to ease the documentation processing as well.

4. Confirm the applicable tariff codes for the items.
This will help you, as an importer, to have an estimate of the import duty payable for the items in question and eliminate any surprises or ambiguity.

5. Choose the most cost-effective and time-efficient means of shipping.
Shipping can either be through air, sea, or land, and this depends on certain factors like the nature of the shipment, shipment volume, urgency, the need to meet production timelines, overall cost, e.t.c.

6. Estimate the cost of importation, considering the cost of items, freight, local clearance at the port of discharge, and delivery costs from the port of discharge to the final destination.

7. Ensure accurate import documentation processing before shipping.
In fact, allow me to say that this is the master of the whole procedure and an important factor that can make or mar the whole importation process, as any mistake on import documentation processing puts the whole thing in a mess. Hence, consider using a reliable forwarder who would navigate these ambiguities and save you the additional hassles and costs.

Kindly let us know if you require my assistance to navigate any challenges you might encounter in the course of handling your shipment.

We can handle your shipment at the best price and deliver it smoothly within the timeline to your preferred destination.

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